Why is it that Moscow Russia is said to be the most expensive city in the world and yet rents there are less than Houston?


according to Numbeo Moscow is more affordable than Houston. An apartment in city center in Houston is 1300USD whereas the same would be about 900 in Moscow. When they state this is compared to what locals would be earning? understand Russians do not normally earn as much as those who live in the USA. However the costs of living would also be equivalent of what they earn

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  • Marc
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    5 months ago
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    Some apartments in the city center ARE quite expensive. I always questioned that statement, though as I have spent there an inordinate amount of time for a simple man. I find hotels from $40-60 and meals $5 in a canteen- a cafeteria style restaurant. Food in grocery stores is only about 10-15% higher than our little city of 100,000 about 750 miles east of Moscow.

    • John P
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      It might be that the average inhabitant of Moscow earns far less than the average inhabitant of Houston. "Expensive" for any one person depends on many factors, but the general "cost of living" (food, accommodation, transport, etc) sometimes makes a mockery of one particular cost being cheap.

  • Joseph
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    4 months ago

    You pay the heat, that's why

  • 5 months ago

    Every country has prices according to their payments. If average salary is 500$, the rent would be cheap. If salary is 5000$, it would be more expensive. So, maybe, you have better payments in your country, and that's because rent in Moscow seems cheaper to you.

  • 5 months ago

    You can twist your few statistics how you want.

    Cost of living is a little more than the cost of rent. Do you really think every 3 bedroom apartment in Houston has the same quality. The penthouse is just the same as one on the lower floors.

    Do you NEED a car for your day to day normal stuff?

    Can you walk for your groceries. Does the local stores stock the things YOU want?

    ON Numbeo it does not list Moscow as an expensive city. It also points out the average salary when compared with Houston is much lower.

    What is your wage after taxes?

    What do you get for your taxes? Cost of a bus ticket for example. A swim at the local pool. An ambulance ride,insurance for a car, parking fee, cost of gasoline......

    How much do you pay for a doctor's visit? A ticket to the game or special event.

    Your basic health care premium? Supplemental extra insurance. The cost for a phone or internet connection.

    Measure the cost not in just dollars but hours of work to earn that amount.

    SALARY you have is important for this calculation.

    The median income in Houston is about $60,000 doubtful the average person lives in the Million dollar house.and has five star dining adventures every night.

    The average income in Moscow is about $30,000. The rich live very well and the lower classes have it not a nice. Just like every other city on the planet.

    Not sure what list you are looking at. By world standards Moscow is not an expensive city.

    It is an expensive city compared to other cites in Russia.

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  • 5 months ago

    I thought New York is the most expensive city in the world!

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