Does this older women want me?

Okay so I m 26 years old and she s a 45 year old bartender. I met her about a year ago and she would always start the conversation with "hey baby" now I know that bartenders are trained to flirt especially the females to get tips and stuff. But she told me at one point that she doesn t even care about the tips. I got to talk to her for the first time and have an actual conversation Whenever there weren t too many people sitting at the bar and she immediately started showing me stuff that she was interested in on her phone which I was also interested in. Even before that night she would get it really excited whenever I would come in as soon as she would see me she would be like "hey baby how was your night". And I noticed that all she would say to other man was "hey what are you having". I was telling her one night about how I almost got involved in filming porn recently I told her about one of my friends asking me why don t I get in front of the camera. And I said who s going to want to see me in a p**** and she responded with you d be surprised and it almost came off as if she was implying that she wants to see me in a p****. I also told her that I told my friend you don t want to see me in a p**** because you ll never feel like a real man again is a joke. And then she seemed to get really excited as soon as I said that her eyes got really big and she looked over my one friend and she said damn right. And that also came off as if she wanted to see me in a p****.

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  • 12 months ago
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    Since you were the one who brought up porn, presented yourself as an excellent candidate to be sought after for porn and made a joke about the size of your wanker... I'd not think she "wanted" you merely because she played along with it.

    • Travis12 months agoReport

      True I was just wondering what other s thought though.

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Ask her .

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