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Can you be feminist and prefer Elizabeth Warren over Hillary Clinton?

Hillary is a true feminist. She was from Arkansawww (eww) and literally did not want her husband's last name. They made her do it to fit in.

Elizabeth Warren bores me. The economy does its job. I don't believe a president has a huge influence. Trump bastard got lucky.

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    Yes, but you CANNOT be a Feminist and prefer ANY Republican candidate. Female or otherwise.

    They will strip you of your feminist credentials if you support a woman who is a Republican.

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  • 6 months ago

    Being a feminist does not mean you have to base all of your political preferences and choices on who is "most feminist". It doesn't even mean you have to prefer female candidates to male ones (I voted for Bernie in the primary last time). About the only thing it means politically is that you 1. shouldn't *reject* an otherwise qualified candidate because she's female, and 2. should care about a politician's stances on issues that strongly affect women, like abortion rights.

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  • 6 months ago

    Shut up! TRUMP 2020! vote for people because they are right for the economy of america and not because they are females or whatever identity politics you try to subscribe to. Trump is doing better for the economy and better against the media brainwashers than anyone ever could.

    And just like the blacks like with Obama if a Female is President you will notice it didnt change anything and wont make people look at women any different. and you will see she does nothing special or even to advantage women. You people who hate Trump or immature children and know nothing about Politics, you just care about somebody he called a retard over twitter like children you are, THE SENSITIVE MELTING SNOW FLAKES!

    And being President isnt about who has a slick tongue or is the smoovest person. Its about what you can do for America and its people who live here now. Which yall seem to forget. But you cant comprehend that because you arent mentally mature enough

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  • 6 months ago

    Hillary Clinton is from Oak Park Illinois. Not Arkansas. Hillary and Bill met at a convention it was a marriage of convenience on nothing else. She knew o he was a good wagon to hitch your horse to because she had her own political ambitions.

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