I am getting rid of my hats so should I donate them?

Stuff is just stuff but I will be starting a new job and starting with less in the house because stuff is just more stuff. I wore all my hats and they happened to be my favorites but as time passes stuff is just stuff and they have lived through a special journey. I’ve worn my hats like crazy and all though my hats are feet special to me it’s just I’ve had my time wearing them and will always remember those times.’ Thank you! I wore them as much as I possibly could. Now this is hard for me but I won’t forget the memories I’ve had in those hats.

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  • Kyle
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    6 months ago
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    depending on what state they're in, you may not be able to donate them if they look really worn, dirty, etc.

    some places may not take them at all just because it's been on your head. and some places don't take stuff that people wear on their head. it just may be insanitary. i'm not saying your head is dirty or has lice or anything, but it might be policy.

    look online for places near you like good will or others and see if they take them as donations.

    i would keep one or two. in case you still go out where it's really sunny out to protect from sunburns and keep the sun off your face.

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  • 6 months ago

    Give them to a farmer, he'll use them on his scarecrows. Or sell them to a Halloween store.

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