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If someone invites you to to have lunch, and they bring people along without telling you, what does it mean?

My Godmother invited me out for lunch. We haven't seen each other in 16 years, since I was a baby. I was the one who reached out first and sent her friend request on FB. She invited me for lunch, and when I showed at the restaurant, she brought people along when she didn't tell me in advance that she will bring them too. She introduced them to me as her roommates. it turned out they were bad people, the daughter wanted to have sex with me (I was a 16 and she was 30, I was a girl, too) and the mother wanted to borrow $500 from my mom and when they came to our house they stole a CD. Did really she have genuine intentions to trying to catch up on lost time?

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    Your Godmother appears to be sneaky and she sounds like a bad person. I feel she did not have genuine intentions in trying to catch up with you on lost time. It is very strange and odd she brought along all of those people with her and didn't even tell you ahead of time that those people were going to lunch too. The actions/behaviors of those people your Godmother invited is very strange and creepy. I think your Godmother has a hidden agenda and she could be using you. If I were you, I wouldn't want to see them ever again.

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    she shouldnt be bringing people like that with her unless she was bringing people that were relatives that wanted to see you too

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    After 16 years, she might have been anxious, especially given that her own situation doesn't sound very good (with those bad roommates). I'd probably stick with emails and texts for awhile in terms of communicating with her, and when you feel comfortable let her know that you'd like to get together with just her and perhaps go for a walk. She might have some emotional problems.

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    you were just an opportunity too good to pass up

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    That's rude. What if you wanted alone time with her? All I can say about the rest of it is that it's very weird, and I don't think I'd be getting back together with any of them ever again. I wonder if your godmother knew they were vultures.

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      She was the one who invited me. I think she knew they were vultures.

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