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What would happen if a 15 year old is caught riding a moped unlicensed and with no insurance in the uk ?

What would happen would it be seized and fined or ?, the moped would have an mot but no insurance, no licenses etc... kids i know own petrol scooters i know are 100cc so i dont see any difference personally. Thanks.

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    7 months ago

    Imaginative stray American here with an internet connection. You are required to be at least 16 years old to get an "AM" class license to operate a 2, 3, or 4 wheel vehicle which cannot exceed 45 km/h.

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  • 7 months ago

    The bike will be seized. You'll be prosecuted for driving "otherwise than in accordance with a licence" (because you don't have one), and for driving without insurance. If convicted you'll be fined heavily and will receive points for the licence you don't yet have.

    The points apply from the date they are awarded, so if they're still active when you do apply for a licence it will come with the points already on it. If you receive a ban you will not get a licence until the ban is up.

    You'll also have a record and will find it extremely difficult to get insurance in the future.

    That's for the UK, please ignore the imaginative stray Americans.

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      You must be joking. Slap on the wrist and probably get to go on motorcycling courses for free that would cost law abiding people hundreds.

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  • Tim D
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    7 months ago

    Points on your licence before you even get one.

    Not be able to afford insurance for years (if an insurer will even offer cover).


    Seizure and crushing.

    Plus any charges for offences which brought you to the attention of police. And remember they can perform a hard stop on a moped now, if they deem it necessary.

    Wait and endure the bus or bicycle for a year or don't and endure them for a lot longer.

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  • 7 months ago

    You will be creating a whole bunch of sh!t for your future self bro. In the short term your bike swill be seized and probably cost more to release from jail than it's worth. No license and insurance.. apart from the fines, they will put suspended points on your license, as soon as you apply for a license, they kick in and you will be banned before you even receive it in the mail. From there you will have to tick <YES> to the box where insurance companies ask you if you've ever been banned etc. and you'll have to explain why. If they will still cover you, you will have to give them an arm. leg and a testicle. If you lie and you find out, your cover is void...That's the good news.

    If you have an accident and damage property -a car for example - you will be sued for the damage since you don't have insurance. Even a minor fender bender will run you £2K. If you hurt someone to the extent they require medical treatment for the rest of their lives - let's call it £2.8million - you'd wanna hope your rich uncle Bertsta dropped a sh1t-ton of loose change down the back of the sofa (he didn't) and your life is effectively screwed because they can garnish your wages, so if you're planning a regular job paying taxes, they will find you. So that limits you to cashies or turning tricks behind the houses of parliament until you grow body hair and your johns lose interest. If you kill some old dear on the way to the shops to buy cake for her little nephews, expect jail time and notoriety in the local media. You may survive jail with your back-door v-card intact, but then it gets awks when you apply for jobs and have to explain why you missed your GCSEs and why your work experience is red band at the local HMYOI

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    The bike would be seized and crushed. You would get a hefty fine, banned from driving, and that's if you stop for the police.

    If you don't stop, you'll be done for dangerous driving and will face a jail sentence and/or community service and the fine will increase tenfold. You may also be required to take an extended driving test even if you never passed it initially so it really isn't worth it.... and if you kill someone dangerous driving you'll face many years behind bars when you should be making a career for yourself, finding a girl and seeing the world. Surely that's better than being locked in a cell every weekend while your mates are out enjoying themselves?

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    • dean7 months agoReport

      But you can be done for dangerous driving if youre driving with a license, tax etc that’s irrelevant

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