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I need help, downloaded a file from fileshare and somebody got remote access.?

I was downloading clone hero from file share. I after I downloaded it I saw a fireshare box which I thought was weird. im not no computer pro but I did build my pc and I build pcs for people. I went to do a virus scam because I thought it was weird. while I was waiting rap music was playing threw my headset. I opened up notepad as a joke and typed get off my pc lol. and this person or who ever typed "give me money I have everything $$$$$$$$$$$$$" I was really shocked so I opened up firefox and left it idle. the mouse moved and went to close fire fox then tried closing my antivirus scan. I was battling with him he didn't get to close it he was typing racial slurrs about me and my kids. (they are my backround) and also were typing how they have all my stuff. I was really upset the virus scam completed and it told me to restart I restarted and everything seems to be normal. I dint get any email for steam saying somebody was trying to log onto my steam account. I checked all my accounts on the pc and they were all ok. my main and all my alts. my cpu usage is at 2 and mem is at 33 (because I have a lot running at once usually). any tips I already logged onto all my accounts om my pc and noting seemed to happen. all I need to know is what are some ways to indicate a keylogger. also it seemed like they were trying to open up start menu. not sure if they were trying to lock me out. but I do need some tips on how to check for key loggers,and other software like backdoors an wha not.

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  • Shadow
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    6 months ago

    You need to check through your installed programs for anything you did not install. Then, download Kaspersky Free or Malwarebytes and run a full scan to ensure your computer is not infected.

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