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Do I need an MRI?

I dislocated my kneecap about 2 weeks ago. I had someone with me to extend my leg and put it back into place. I went to urgent care and I’ve been wearing a brace for 2 weeks. I just got to take it off and I’ve been wearing a smaller brace. I slept in the smaller brace and I woke up every hour or so to the worst burning sensation in my knee. It was mainly when it was bent slightly. I cannot put pressure on the knee while it’s bent otherwise it sends a shocking pain into my body. For example, trying to walk up the stairs. I’m unsure of what happens when you dislocate your kneecap entirely, I assume you have to tear a tendon/ligament. I’m unsure as to if I should get an MRI or not.

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    i would go to the er if youre having problerns like that

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  • Fuhr
    Lv 6
    6 months ago

    You don't go to Urgent Care for a dislocated kneecap. You go to Urgent Care for minor stitches or an ear infection. Go to the emergency room or your PCP.

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  • 6 months ago

    Whether you need an MRI or not is a decision that is made by your doctor. An MRI cures nothing, it just provides information. If your doctor knows what is wrong with your knee, an MRI is unnecessary.

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