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Can I get Greek citizenship by descent?

My great grandfather was born in Greece but subsequent generations in my family have born and lived OUTSIDE of Greece and do not themselves have Greek citizenship.

Assuming I have all required documents to prove the lineage (record of my great grandfather's birth in Greece from the local municipality, marriage certificates, etc) is it possible for me to become a Greek citizen?

From the reading that I have done, you can only get Greek citizenship through descent by proving your parent or grandparent were born in Greece (not via a great grandparent as I would like to do).

I know my Dad could get Greek citizenship because it was HIS grandfather (my great grandfather) who was a Greek.

Does this mean my Dad could get citizenship and then I could subsequently use this fact to get citizenship myself (because my Dad by that point would be a Greek citizen by naturalisation I believe)?

Note that I am over 18 and so I believe I wouldn't automatically become a citizen myself and automatically receive my Dad's new citizenship.

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    Your PARENT must have been a citizen of Greece at the time of your birth for you to have any potential claim to birthright citizenship in Greece. Your grandparents' and great-grandparents' citizenship are irrelevant. There is no citizenship by descent, except birthright of a child to citizenship in its parents' country of citizenship.

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    5 months ago which gives you all the information............... just remember Greece has complusory national service if you are aged 19-45 which you will have to do

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    Article 10 of the Code of Greek Citizenship states that any Greek born in another country can apply for the Greek citizenship. To obtain your Greek citizenship by descent, you'll have to proof your lineage from your Greek ancestor all the way to you.

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    Citizenship by descent from a grandparent exists in a number of European countries. Generally what happens is that the citizenship can be passed down indefinitely as long as you are already on the registry so the answer is that, if your father has not claimed his Greek citizenship, you cannot get it.

    However, any EU member country citizenship is just as good if the plan is to live and work in Greece. So see if you have an Italian, Irish or Portuguese grandparent.

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