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Are these signs of emotional abuse?

I met this guy a few years ago, he has a nasty side to him and I saw a lot of red flags from early on. We were on the phone one night and he was like "are you dumb?" We also got into a fight once and he was like "that comment that came out of your dumb mouth." His whole demeanor in general is just crazy - on our first date he literally yelled at me for walking into his apt with my shoes on... or I went to go meet him at his apartment and I was walking and he's texting me saying "Where the hell did you walk to?" Instead of just being like "Where are you?" IDK.. for some reason I am hooked on him but is he bad news or what...

Also he would call me at 4 in the morning all the time, I told him I'm sleeping when he calls and I'm tired and he goes "I don't care."

:/ Why do I care about someone like this?

Oh yea and one of the first nights we ever spoke on the phone he kept me on the phone from 4 AM til 7 AM, fighting with me because I wouldn't have phone sex with him... :/


Is he an abusive person?

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    Yes he is emotionally abusive.

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