Rode for only for 22 miles Sat, at 80. When I got off, my left hand cramped. Could not move thumb for ten minutes. Is it sciatica, age?

Update: What do I do? I went 280 miles at 80 mph with only one briefer in Gilbert. I didn't have cramping. Tired, Yes. I'm also 62, I've had hip cramps that just came on suddenly. History of RA in my family . Those of Scandinavian blood get it.
Update 2: Yes AZ. It was only 78 in Mormon Lake where I camped but got up to 109 on I-17.

Thanks for all the Great answers.
Update 3: I do carry plenty of frozen water I drink, as it thaws, at stops. No stops on I-10 ?
Update 4: Except You, don. Are you and Pearl competing for Dumbest? "see a doctor" I would IF I had medical. It would be $400.month.
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