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Does this guy like me and should I be patient or not?

I met a guy three weeks ago. We hit it off very well! At our second meet up I met his dad and one of his brothers, also all his childhood friends. We decided to go on a first date this last Friday and it was AMAZING. After the date we went to a local bar and he invited his other brother and the brothers gf. He admitted that he’s spoken about me to his mom (big deal in Italian families), and he said he liked me a lot. But in a txt message a few days prior to our date he said “I feel bad taking you on a date because I’m not good at dating. I’m a busy guy”. Which I understand but also he doesn’t txt me, I always txt first and he’s definitely on his phone since he always watches my Instagram stories. We had plans to meet today because it’s his day off and I had to txt him to make sure if we were still on, and now he’s got stuff to do. I really do like him and I understand the busy schedule, but I don’t understand the male mind with introducing me to family, telling me nice things, then not really trying. Help! What do I do

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    I feel like you need to go by his actions. If a man wants to see you, he will see you. I think he is being confusing by introducing you to family members so quickly. Those things take some time. I would pull back alittle and see if he puts in more effort.

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    Every family has its own culture, and in some families introducing a girl you hardly know to everybody in the family is no big deal. So, pls bear this in mind before concluding that you're special to him because you've met his father and brothers. I'm sure your new guy's close family members have met each and every girl he's ever dated, regardless of the duration of their relationship. And some guys will tell a girl that they've spoken to their mom about her just to get the girl to think that they are serious - in fact, it's the number one reason any guy will tell this to a girl (because I don't see why tell her about your discussion with your mother unless you want to manipulate her thinking). The best way to know if a guy is serious about you is to go with his ACTIONS, not his words. Words are cheap, and they mean nothing if they can't be backed up with action. Meeting family members also means nothing, esp for this guy since you met his family members the second time you saw him.

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