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Should I succumb to my feelings or not?

There is a guy I like. I met him at a beach party. I thought he was cute the moment I saw him. When I was dancing with my friends he unexpectedly came and danced with me. Later on he pulled me away and asked for my number. From that day we were texting a lot and he used to compliment me calling me kind. He would initiate hanging out and then procrastinate and never get back to me. This happened about three times. Two days ago I went to a party and he was there. The moment I started talking to one of my guy friends I think he got a little jealous and took a chair and sat behind me. During our conversation another guy friend came to hug me. After we were done I started I tapped the guys leg then he smiled at me, said hi and gave me a fist pump. I asked him why he always procrastinates and he said there’s no reason why. I like him a lot but the problem is he drinks, smokes and goes clubbing all the time. He’s really a nice guy. Should I succumb to my feelings or not?

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    I would ditch him. If you aren’t into that partying lifestyle like he is, whatever you pursue in the future will not work out. He seems like his mind is very immature while yours isn’t. A guy that parties usually isn’t loyal. There’s an obvious reason why he is not pursuing you and it is because hes too invested into the lifestyle he is living

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