Do any Christians know the full history of the Bible and how it came to be known as the Word of God?

Update: Give me a detailed history not just testament of account of the disciples or the contents of what it says.
Update 2: Typo: Not just the account of different disciples or the context
Update 3: GIve me the version you believe in and it's history
Update 4: David you know none of that answers the question do not give me the content give me the history. You do not know so you giving me all this crap to substitute.
Update 5: This is something Christians should know if they believe it.
Update 6: I do not know is not an acceptable answer especially if you are convinced others should believe it.
Update 7: WwwdotBibleSelectordotcom · Then why would you believe it not knowing the history of it and why it was selected to be the word of god?
Update 8: Annsan_In_Him · I said nothing about the content but the history. Do you even know who's word you are taking in believing that the Bible is the word of god? Did you even check the source?
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