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Are my preferences normal?

I am a 34 year old woman, who is very tall at 6'8, full figured at 320 pounds. My taste in men appears strange to people in my social circle.

My ideal height range for a guy is 6'0-6'4 with muscular physique 200-250 pounds, which is fairly large but smaller than me. Being a very tall large woman, is part of my identity and who I am, so being with a guy whose slightly smaller than me, but still considered tall and muscular for a guy. But even though I like being taller and bigger than the guy I still like him to be stronger than me and able to protect me.

I am a medical lawyer, and the men I go after have jobs like, personal trainers, bartenders, or entertainment related. I am aware this is seems very different but to me, I have a serious professional life and a guy with a more social and energetic lifestyle balances my life.

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    If that's your type thats your type. Psychologically, you appear to have height issues and wish you were a bit shorter, but counterwise you seem to have a romance for being height dominant. Only you will know

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  • 6 months ago

    Yes, they are.............

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