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I have questions about piercing at home? I'm pretty confident it'll be fine but i just wanna be sure.?

ill try to keep this short sorry,

1- im going to order sterilized needles offline but i have a question about this kinda... lets say i pierced with a needle a size bigger or smaller than the jewllery, would piercing with a bigger needle cause it to bleed or would the hole immidiately shrink down? would piercing with a smaller needle cause it to stretch and get agitated or would it be fine?

2- for nostril piercings do they pierce through cartilage? cause i for some reason cant find this online and i dont wanna do cartilage piercings at home, thats too risky for me

3- if youre stretching your ear pierings and you have a piercing next to it would the second piercing get in the way of stretching the first? would it be possible that the first could stretch too much and consume the second?

my supplies list is: gloves, mouthwash (lip piercings), sterile needles, sterile jewlery, antiseptic wipes,

is there any other supplies i should get?

(also please no "this is unsafe, dont do it" type comments, im aware of the risks)


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  • Laura
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    1. There is no guarantee that the needles are sterile, or that they have stayed sterile through transport. You need to have an autoclave to ensure that your tools are sterile for piercing. You should use the needle size that correlates with the jewelry size.

    2. Your nostrils are made of cartilage, so for a cartilage piercing you go through the cartilage. It is not soft tissue like your ear lobe. This is why it takes around 6 months for a nostril piercing to heal.

    3. Its possible to stretch a lobe piercing to the point of combining the first and second standard piercings. You would need to get pretty big though, and you would need to have no scar tissue getting in the way for it.

    Your supplies sound severely lacking. You do not have an autoclave, and you do not have implant grade jewelry in lengths long enough to allow for swelling of the initial piercing. You also don't have the training to do these correctly, so you will end up with a piercing that has irritation bumps and a higher risk of migration and irritation. I recommend getting the training and the tools a professional has before you do this at home.

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    • Laura
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      In short, it is not safe. If you do not use an autoclave, the piercing will be infected from the moment you do it, because none of the tools will be sterile. A doctor can only do so much, and sepsis will kill you before you can get to them.

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