How do I ensure that my family's house won't get broken into?

I'm an idiot. Some relatives are letting my friend and I stay at their house while we're on a trip visiting their city. My relatives will be gone the whole time while we're staying at their house.

A random guy knocked on the door today and asked if my "dad" was there (he assumed I lived there). Without thinking, I said, "Oh, you mean Mr. [insert last name]? They'll be out of town until the 26th." The guy was like, "oh really? Okay." And he left. He was driving a truck with lawn mowing equipment. So I could ASSUME that it was just a guy trying to get us to pay him for mowing the lawn.

I feel stupid for saying TO A STRANGER that no one would be home for multiple days. The house is in a nice neighborhood (pro: it's safe, con: it would be a good place to rob). Is there any way to ensure that the family's house is safe? Should I tell my relatives what happened or just hope for the best?

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  • VAA
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    7 months ago
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    No need to ruin your familys trip because you are an idiot...just keep lights on in the evening and eye out for any strange activity until they return. They are probably insured anyway.

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  • 7 months ago

    Hopefully, he won't show up again. Tell your relatives and next time, tell the guy that your father never hires people who solicit door to door.

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  • 7 months ago

    They guy thinks <you're> home even if he was casing the joint, which he probably wasn't.

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  • Use your head as a doorstop

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