Movies Section: IYO, What is best guilty pleasure movie(s)?

IMO: The Room.

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  • 5 months ago
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    Agreed. The Room is the all-time best guilty pleasure movie.

    Is it bad? Yes, in every possible way. But is it also endlessly entertaining? Yes, yes it is. I don't think any movie can bring out as much pure joy in people as The Room.


  • 5 months ago

    Armegeddon..........totally stupid, and none of that sh*t would work......and they'd all die horrible deaths.......

    but yeah sure....... just go with it.

    Just pull 12 g's, crash land on an asteroid.......set up a drilling rig, and then blow the thing up with 1 second left before it destroys earth!

    Now can someone tell me, why they brought the machine gun, that Steve Bescumi went nuts with?

    Like, what was the ORIGINAL plan for that? Why did you NEED a space gun with bullets?

    and yeah, let's bang on the Nuclear bomb with a wrench! what could go wrong?

    and let's blow up the international space station while we're at it, too.........

    and then, right before Harry blows it up.......the thing starts exploding , all on it's own, for no real reason at all.----throwing him all over the place.........but yeah, none of that hurt.

    still gotta press that button with 1 second left on the clock..................

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Ten Years A Slave. I know it's trash, but I get so many laughs every time I give it a spin.

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