I really like this girl, but...?

So this girl is daughter of an associate of my dad,

Because we are working together for some time i have started to really like her but i dont know if i should tell her about it as

She is 4 years younger than me, i m 24 shes 20

And she is super cute and in great shape and atm i m overweight and definitely not that cute.

I was thinking maybe i ll work on myself harder to make myself a bit more deserving of her before saying anything to her,

BUT i cant stop thinking about her almost all of the time and its making it hard for me to focus on anything else.

I tried ignoring her for sometime but then we have some moment where i go back again in having these tons of feelings for her but i cant do anything about it...

I dont really need an answer just a different perspective or opinion on my situation as i kinda am out of touch with my friends and not comfortable talking to them.

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  • 6 months ago
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    Sounds like you are infatuated. It's a good idea to try to improve yourself. Make sure she notices. Stay in touch with her, and work hard to be worthy of her, or somebody like her. Don't just improve yourself physically, but in other ways, too. Sharpen your mind. Become better at social interaction. Improve your whole life. Make a list of everything you want in life, and make meaningful steps towards those things every day, even very small steps count. Whether or not you end up getting to be with her, you will certainly find somebody great if you focus and work hard.

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