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Will my girlfriend’s dad hate me forever?

So my girlfriends dad found out we had sex (we’re both 15) and he was pretty angry about it. He is a cop. My girlfriend told me that her mom said he’ll get over it but im scared. He hates me now he’s made it clear. He said he doesnt want to hear my name under his roof. Also they dont want her seeing me anymore. Will he feel like this forever? I want to be with her for as long as i can. Hopefully get married with her as well.

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    He will hate you probably forever. Things might change if you actually marry his daughter, but he's not going to be happy that you violated his daughter and his rules. The truth is, if you really cared for this girl you would have been smarter, and waited for marriage, and done a better job of getting her dad to like you.

    On the plus side, the sex will probably be hotter for you both, knowing that it's forbidden.

    • So you dont think the hatred against me will just disappear?

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    As soon as you both turn 18 and move out of your parent's houses, you'll be free to do whatever you want.

    Until then, I guess you just have to sack up and deal with it. What's three years?

    Also, yes. He WILL hate you for life now.

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