Need help remembering the name of this movie, its driving me crazy. Dark comedy about a small town girl with dreams of becoming famous?

Ok so obviously I dont remember the title, any of the characters or actors names. But here goes what I do remember of it. So first off I wanna say it used to be on either Netflix or hulu, and the like little thumbnail or whatever was a solid color background maybe pink or red or yellow and it had either the blacked out silhouette of a girl with a shot gun. Or it was a close up of her face with sunglasses on and her mouth slightly open but blacked out. So I wanna say the opening scene is her in her car singing along to a britney spears song and maybe talking about how she wants to be a famous singer. She gets a call to go pick somebody up, maybe her boyfriend? she lives in this small town, with her dad I believe, and she wants to be famous. She needs money either for studio time, or (singing or acting) lessons, or to make some audition tape. So she asks her dad but he wont give it to her, either because he himself is broke, or because shes been unemployed and living off him for a while and hes cutting her off. Things start getting really fuzzy here, I know she has something to do with either murder or robbery or both, possibly starting with her dad and it ends up being a thing where lots of people get killed. I wanna say the police are definitely on to her, but idk. Theres a scene in a diner. It could also be that the dad is the one doing the murdering/robbing or they're doing it together. Idk i wanna say similar to sugar and spice or drop dead gorgeous. Def that kind of vibe.

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