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What make the Second World War a global war? Where were the main consequences of the war felt most keenly outside of Europe?

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    6 months ago

    Virtually every country was involved. Not all participated in the fighting, many like France fell to the Nazis early on. Some remained neutral or came in on the side of the Allies as the war was ending in order to secure a place in the United Nations that emerged after. The actual fighting was relatively limited - only the USSR had fighting on its home territory although the UK was bombed repeatedly by the Luftwaffe and the V1 and V2 Campaigns.

    Theaters included North Africa, Asia, The Middle East, The Far East, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. There were hundreds of declarations of war in the period - with Italy changing sides to join the Allies against Germany.

    There were some wars fought separately from the main events such as the war between Finland and Russia, and the Anglo-Iraq War but inextricably tied up with the global conflict.

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  • 6 months ago

    Major and minor participants were from every populated continent. Large parts of the world were still under colonial rule and got dragged into it when the mother countries joined the fight. Consequences were felt all over . It ushered the end of the colonial era, the world was then split into two armed camps for the rest of the 20th Century. Europe and Japan completely re-invented there economies and government spending. The technologies from the world changed many things in manufacturing, aviation, etc.

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  • 6 months ago

    It was considered a global war mainly because a lot of countries joined forces against Germany and Japan. It was also "global" in the sense that Germany and Japan, although being allies in the same war and with the same goals of winning against the Allies, was virtually fighting individual wars on opposites of the earth.

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