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How to overcome the fear of my boyfriends lack of remorse?

Physical abuse and assault no longer scares me, rape no longer scares me and every other form of abuse no longer scare me because I have experienced them all during my past relationships with other men. The more transparent my boyfriends lack of remorse becomes, the more I begin to fear him in a way I have never feared a man. Aside from that, our relationship is great, we enjoy each other’s company, we understand each other’s pain and we encourage each other to heal. On multiple levels we connect in ways that I have never been able to connect with anyone else. We have real and deep intellectual conversations about life, about everything which includes every philosophical topic there is to talk about. To have someone understand your mind is a different kind of intimacy and it’s indescribable how comforting and amazing it feels. I do not want to loose what we have over this fear, I need to know how to overcome this fear ASAP.

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    My dear run far away as soon as possible. If you overcome that fear today it won’t save your life in fact it probably would upset him. A man who shows no remorse is a STONE COLD KILLLER AND CALCULATING. The wonderful characteristics you’ve described of the man are the very similar characteristics of the evil son of bitchh psychopath my daughter introduced to my wife and I 2 years before he took her life away and the man feels no shame he said he would go back and do it again if he could. The man ain’t no man and he deserves execution for taking my baby girls life away. As painful as it was to read this and relive it I had to say something because I don’t want what happened to my daughter to happen to any other woman. May the LORD bless you and protect you.

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