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Is a weak, ineffectual and dissipated homosexual character unacceptable in modern fiction?

I'm writing a story and the son of a ruler in the story is a weak, ineffectual and dissipated homosexual. Is this unacceptable in modern fiction?

Do I need to portray all characters who are homosexuals, minorities and women as admirable and proactive if I want a chance at publication?

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    In a novel, can probably still "get away" with it. If you're writing a screenplay or a treatment for a TV drama you'd likely be treading dangerous waters. The exception is if you make it very clear that the character's "weakness" is wholly separate from his homosexuality...or if you make him "dissipated" because of abuse received related to his homosexuality.

    You might be trolling and many might think I'm just playing along....but I'm reminded of an interview with Morgan Freeman several years back where he was asked if he felt there was anything missing from his career (keep in mind that this is an actor who has won dozens of awards and was cast to play God in two different movies).

    Yes....he said...he wished that he could have the opportunity to play a classic, unapologetic bad guy in the mold of a Hannibal Lecter or a Bond villain. Sadly, he told the interviewer, Hollywood doesn't seem to have the "courage" (the exact word he used) to cast a black actor in a villainous role for fear of upsetting the current narrative.

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    Nothing is 'unacceptable' to any sane reader except poor writing.

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    just finished " finders keepers", it has just such a character. it could also be named, everyone loves a good story, but if i told you the plot, ....well, that would ruin it.

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    If you're writing a novel you should be able to create your characters in what ever way you desire.

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