How do you get faster energy in South Park Phone Destroyer?

Every time I play this game, my energy goes PAINFULLY slow. My opponents play like 3 cards while I’m struggling to play one. Am I dealing with hackers, or do I just have a really wonky version of the game, or is there a way to get faster energy in-game?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago
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    Funnel your life-savings into the IAPs, and micro-transactions.

    That's the only way to succeed at freemium mobile games. There's a reason why energy is so scarce, you're supposed to BUY it and make the developers rich. This is how the free to play business model works.

    The reason you're struggling, is because you're competing against Korean phone addicts who play this game MUCH longer than you, and they also spend 99% of their real-life income on IAP.

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