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How closely related is English, Spanish and Russian?

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    Russian, Spanish and English are all evolved from proto-Indo-European which was the language spoken 5-10,000 years ago. Indo-European split into various language families including the Slavic languages, where we find Russian; the Romance languages, derived from Latin, where we find Spanish; and the Germanic languages where we find English.

    Although English is a Germanic language, it has absorbed a lot of Romance language from Latin with the church and particularly Norman French. It was the incorporation of Norman French that changed English from Old English to Middle English. England had an input of Spanish in Tudor times when Henry VIII was married to Catherine of Aragon, Mary I married Philip of Spain, and Elizabeth I was courted by the Spanish and the French.

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    I speak those three languages at the same level and I can tell you that Russian is a completely different world. Knowing Spanish/English won't help you learn any Russian at all.

    Regarding English and Spanish, they share some vocabulary since English took lots of word from French. Thus you can find that many hundreds of words share the same root. (vocabulary/vocabulario, human/humano, student/estudiante). So, knowing one language will help you learn some words of the other. Apart from that Spanish and English have many differences in terms of grammar and, of course, pronunciation.

    Source(s): I speak Spanish, English and Russian at a close-to-native level.
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    English has some Spanish roots, along with some German, Anglo-Saxon, and French, and they all share the same alphabet. Russian uses a completely different alphabet, called Cyrillic.

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    I mean, how closely related are they to one another?

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