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I am looking to travel a direct flight from NY JFK to ITALY rome or really anywhere that is cheapish. I am eloping. It will be our 2 children who will be 3 years old and 4 fours old by then. Looking for june 2020. Does anyone know any airlines that give discount to children flights? Most I am finding require us to pay full price for the kids:/ HELP!?

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    There are several actually. I Just didn't know of any internationally.

    REASON there are not many for International travel.

    Some reason in particular you do not seek the assistance of a travel agent?

    They make their living doing what you seek. They get PAID for their knowledge.

    The computer search yourself deals get PAID by the Airlines too when you use them.

    WARNING the cheap seats are NO REFUND be sure of your travel day and a good idea to get some travel insurance for just in case.

    Bargains in peak travel JUNE summer are rare. Try for a Tuesday departure.

    As your final destination is probably not the Airport chapel suggest you also look at the cost to get from Airport to the mystery location of where you plan to get married.

    Do you have the required stuff to marry in Italy? Do you expect to live in Italy after marriage?

    Italian government decides not the marriage official.

    Do you expect your spouse to be able to travel to USA just because they are your spouse?

    US immigration decides not your marriage papers.

    Alitalia does have a lower children's fare that also has a lower luggage allowance.

    You decide a cheap seat or free included luggage with the seat.

    WHY must it be only JFK some reason in particular some other Airport is an impossible thing to arrange?

    Newark Airport also has flights to Italy.

    If you want the bargain why must it be only a nonstop flight?

    GOOD LUCK with your marriage. Lots more work to do on that. Your travel on a cheap flight is just a small part of the stuff you need to do before you can get married and live together either in Italy or in the USA.

    Getting married ceremony does not include a move in certificate as part of it for you in Italy or your spouse in USA.

    Low price try Norwegian Air. Avoid weekend travel for best price.

    As you do not want to take advantage of the low in Europe Fares no point in showing you the cheap ways to make a connection.after you cross the ocean.

    The computer search ticket sites get paid by the Airlines. So do human travel Agents. YOU decide what your searching time is worth to you.

    The computer search sites look for the FASTEST connections not every possible bargain connection that is possible.. You make a change of plane seem like an horrendous obstacle to be avoided in the search for a cheap way to get the children to the ceremony. YOU decide what saving an extra hour or two of AIR travel is worth to you.

    Your journey price includes getting to and from the use. The cost of train tickets, parking,taxi or whatever needs to be accounted for as part of the travel package.

    Making a stop in Europe opens up the possibilities of many more Airports in Italy for you to use.The cheaper smaller Airports have regular flights too on low cost European Airlines.

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    Look on SkyScanner

    As kids take up a whole seat, they tend not to get much of a discount

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    I agree that working with a travel agent on this might be best. It is true that some airlines DO offer discounted fares for children, and I have heard of some for certain international flights. But even lap babies are charged (10% of the fare) for many international flights, so I don't think discounts are super common. And any discounts that are available are off the base fare, not the extra taxes and fees (which can be quite a bit on flights to Europe).

    You might want to vary your departure and destination cities if possible - that can affect fares a bit. Being flexible with dates will also help. Again though, check with a travel agent for the best options for you.

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    Everyone 2 and up pays the same price as they take up the same seat on the plan.

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    International travel with minor children will require a notarized permission from the other parent. Since you say you are eloping with your children. That is actually called kidnapping.

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    Since they occupy a seat and you are not permitted to have them on your lap, you have to pay for them.

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    discount no, child fare yes. some airlines will offer a cheaper child fare, but don't confuse this as a discount. booking early will give you the best price.

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    I'm not aware of any airline that gives discounts for children. The kids are using a seat.

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      As this all seems a bit new to you, you'd be much better using a travel agent. They don't charge you, and they really know wht they're doing.

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