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I cannot afford a car, public transport doesn’t go to the area either, I also don’t know anyone to get a lift with?

To get to my new job I Have to ride along a fast main road with no path or cycle path What do I do? I’m scared it’s dangerous but I have no Other way of getting there & I can’t afford a taxi. Also it’s the only job I can get which I need because no one else will hire me.

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  • 6 months ago

    Is there anyone at your new job who can give you a lift, I would give a work colleague a lift if I was driving to work

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      Like I said I don’t know anyone yet, I haven’t officially started

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  • EddieJ
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    6 months ago

    I have a car, but I frequently bike on main streets. You are entitled to bike on the streets and cars have to yield to you or switch lanes if they can.

    Wear bright clothes or a reflective vest and on Sunday you can go to an outdoor service and smoke and think about what the Romans did to Jesus before they crucified him.

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      Loooool I don’t believe in God or Jesus or any of that shït lmfao. Also I know I have every right to be there but accidents happen

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