What's the best laptop around $500 for daily use?

I'm not looking for a gaming laptop. The price should be around $500. I'm wishing for the following specs

I5 processor (At least 5th generation)

Intel graphics (No Nvidia or amd is required)

15.6 inch

1920×1080p resolution

256gb ssd (other hdd not needed)

8 gb ram At least (preferbely expandable)

Backlit keyboard

Optical drive not needed

Weight as low as possible

Good battery life

Thanks everyone

2 Answers

  • 6 months ago

    Blacklist keyboards usually dont become added until you're paying top price. This is to make the more expensive ones seem visually worth it. Its dumb I know.

    ASUS has been a computer I've used over the last few years. My current one has lasted me 4 years without any issues at all.

    I had a Toshiba that constantly over heated. It wasn't anything special though and it worked other wise.

    HP are great at the start but seem to really slow down as you add files to the hard drive, like photos and such. I've never had a good experience with HP.... even their printers suck. Such a short life span.

    Acer is pretty good as well. Had mine for years until the kids smashed the screen. Used an external screen for while till I went back to college.

    Those are the only ones I've used personally. Generally my laptops last years.

    Keep in mind that inside the plastic, they are all pretty much made the same. So long as you dont go dropping it or downloading questionable files, they will all work.

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  • Mark
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    HP is good, and they have remarkable sound quality.

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