I want to line with shotcrete up the metal 12" and across to the edge of the "curb" 9" for 220' (110' on each side) so what is my area?

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  • 6 months ago

    Can't visualize this shape, can you elaborate?

    photo is no help.

    edit, from comments

    "line TO the top of the curb AND up the side of the pipe"?

    so you want a rectangle 9+12 = 21" by 220 ft

    21" = 1.75 ft

    1.75 x 220 = 385 sq ft


    "line FROM the top of the curb up the side of the pipe"

    rectangle 12" by 220 ft

    or 1 ft x 220 ft

    or 220 sq ft

    but the corrugations in the pipe could double the area....

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