Suggestions for videogames I could use as research for my short film?

I'm making a short film for my film course that's about a lonely and self-conscious teenager who immerses himself in VR gaming as a form of escape. The VR scenes only make up a small proportion of the film as the short is mostly set inside his house after his parents disconnect him from the game out of concern for his well-being.

In terms of the time period, the film will be set in the near future. The VR world will be depicted using actors and real settings accompanied by a few visual effects, similar to how VR is done in the show Black Mirror.

Although I do have some ideas for what I want in the virtual world, I'm having trouble coming up with the actual game the protagonist plays. In terms of setting, I want it to be set outdoors with trees, fields of grass and a bright blue sky so the VR world looks vibrant and somewhat Utopian like to contrast it with the blandness of the real world. The character the protagonist plays as will probably be a tall, handsome dude with a muscular, well-built figure wearing a utility belt. Zombies/monsters will also be an element of the game, although they probably won't be the main focus of the game as games centered on zombies tend to be dark in tone. The character also carries a knife and uses it to defend himself against the zombies. I originally conceived it as a single player game but think it might also work as a multiplayer game.

Can someone give me suggestions for games with similar elements that I could use for research? Thanks.

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  • 5 months ago

    Id suggest ATSRO BOT, Superhot and trover saves the universe.

    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Drop dead for the oculus quest..

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