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General question about dating and friendships.?

Why would a woman call and text a man everyday, talk and interact with him like “they are talking” develop good chemistry with him over a period of time only to tell him “She looks at him like a brother” ? She says “ I don’t want to mess up the relationship by dating. How would dating mess it up, she already developed something strong with the person? But at the same time another man could come along whom she has nothing with, but if she feels like “ I would date him” .. she would. I don’t get it. Dating is strange these days.

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    Dating has always been strange, it's not just these days.

    Sometimes a girl can like you as a person, but have zero interest in you as a lover. It just happens sometimes, because girls don't think the way we do. They have more options and more responsibilities when it comes to this sex stuff, so they can't think like we do.

    Chris Rock said it best: Guys don't have female platonic friends, we just have women we haven't f**ked yet. That's because guys are designed and built to want to have sex with every female who isn't direct family, and we can't turn it off. The need for sex-sex-more-sex was written into our DNA before we were even born, because it's a survival-of-the-species thing.

    Women are wired differently. They were all designed and built to deal with the aftermath of sex (pregnancy, childbirth, feeding the baby, etc.), so they have to be more picky about who they do it with. Any woman knows she can have sex with any man she wants any time she wants, even the ugly girls know this, so they can afford to pick and choose. When someone can afford to pick and choose AND has to deal with the aftermath of sex, they're definitely not going to take the first offer that comes along.

    If you had literally hundreds of women competing to have sex with you, if you could have any woman you wanted just by saying yes, wouldn't you hold out for the best of the bunch? Be honest when you answer.

    I know, right? You'd nail them all! And that's exactly why men aren't in charge of who gets to have sex with who. If we were, our species would have gone extinct due to overpopulation thousands of years ago.

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  • 6 months ago

    Because she looks at you like a brother.,.anything could mess the relationship up. As friends things are more laxed with relationships things get more intense and more personal she doesn’t want to share that part with you she feels you probably won’t be compatible.

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  • 6 months ago

    Sounds like she used you for the ego boost you provided for her. She wants to know she's desired and wanted by men, she also wants to know men's opinions on things, but you in specifically she's not interested in.

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