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Why is she doing this?

So, it was a dating app meet, although it s not the way either of us wanted. We met, both instantly felt a connection. Dated for just over a month. Described me as her perfect woman, told me that she s so happy she s done this with me, never felt safer with anyone.... Only to message me one morning to say we should be friends. I tried to find out why, gave her space, didn t pressure etc etc. I wasn t getting many replies, so I didn t bother her too much. I then wrote a letter, to put down everything I felt and wanted her to know, without being creepy or overbearing. She then blocked me on all social media and I haven t heard from her since. What s going on? I can t wrap my head around the fact that it was going so very well and then it ended, for no reason!?! Please help me understand what s happening and if I ll ever see her again.

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  • 6 months ago

    Most of the time, people end a relationship because they aren't feeling the attraction they felt or thought they felt as they were first getting to know someone. We don't feel compatible with everyone.

    And if someone breaks things off with us, they don't owe us an explanation.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    It wasn’t no reason, she obviously just doesn’t feel the same way as you. I’m sorry. Time to move on

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