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Is reparations the perfect dem issue?

This is about the politics of victim-hood and free stuff.

You get to appeal to victim-hood, and have this sort of ambiguous promise of free stuff that can NEVER happen. Who is black enough to get paid and who is white enough to pay? The process of figuring that out would tear the country apart and the supremes would never allow it.

Dems will get to claim that they tried and the big bad <fill in the blank> stopped them, so vote dem some more and they will fix it...

Wash, rinse, repeat... 4 years later, and 4 years later, and in another 100 years our great-grand children will be covering this same ground again.


And, if anyone points out that it makes no sense or is impossible to accomplish, you get to fall back on "but we have to do SOMETHING"....

Update 2:

It really is the perfect issue for dems. It appeals to the base and is reusable forever.

Update 3:

Plus, the dem party preys on the young and inexperienced part of the population, so every few years this seems like a brand new issue to them.

Update 4:

All of this while driving a wedge between races and making sure that their identity politics continues to work for generations to come.

Update 5:

It really is perfect, for dem pols.

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  • 5 months ago

    I think they should emphasize this above all else in their campaigns - and ensure that a maximum amount of money is required. Don't you agree that this would convince the populace of their genuine intentions, rather than seeing this as a maneuver to get more votes?

  • 5 months ago

    All the former slaves are dead.

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