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Would you think if you hadn't heard from someone for six months they were your friend?

I told a so called friend I had broken my wrist. As a result I didn't hear from her for six months. The only reason I ever heard from again is because I sent her text about her deceased sister's birthday. I only receive text from this so called friend, and maybe twice a year she'll call me. If I call her I get voicemail & then she'll text me saying she'll call that night, but she never does. Now it's been close to two weeks since I sent her a text. I made the mistake of saying I was depressed about something, so she's ignored my text & not sent any back. She suffers from depression much more than me, so I don't get why she throws others away if they have a problem or gets a little depressed. When & if she sends me a text I'm not going to answer back, or I'll take a long, long time before I do. I'm amazed sometimes how she'll say this is from your best friend. Are you kidding me, what makes her think or say something so stupid?

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    Hmm, I'd say 'so called friend' as well. It sounds like she's dealing with too much in her own mind and might not be able to deal with another person's problems. That might be a temporary thing or it might be consuming for her. The thing about depression is, it's incredibly personal to the person experiencing it. I hope she's getting the help she needs because you do sound like a good friend for her and you could be there for each other. Unfortunately, she has to be willing to give a little - and from what I read here, it seems like she's not. If you're dealing with something like a broken wrist (hope you are better now!) she might not know what to say. Maybe she's so wrapped up in her own mind and her own problems, she's too depleted to offer support.

    It's sad sometimes when you care about someone and they don't extend much effort into keeping the relationship going. I'd say if she reaches out, reply but not right away like you planned. If she doesn't, perhaps it's time to let her go completely. If she's desperate to talk because *she* needs you, it might be time for a serious heart to heart. Friendships are not a matter of convenience where she gets to chose when or if to reach out. That's not fair. Anyway, I do hope you have support through other people, but from what I've read here, she doesn't seem worth your time or sadness. It's sad and hard, I know, but I do hope things work out. Good luck!

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    I have friends of years i may not talk with for a matter of months. We all have lives to deal with and sometimes we can't make the time.

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      A real friend makes time, a real friend wouldn't desert someone because they broke their wrist. She could have sent a text or two during that six month period of time. I didn't even expect her to call, although it would have been nice, but to just disappear for six months is ridiculous.

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  • 6 months ago

    If you don't get any response from someone it's just them telling you, silently, that they don't want to communicate with you.

    Why she calls you her friend might just be the way she refers to people she knows.

    In any case, stop trying to communicate with her. She's not responding.

    Find new people to socialize with and move on with your life.

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  • Mark
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    Did YOU try to call her? (It works both ways, you know.)

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      Why didn't read completely what I wrote? I have tried to call her & only get voicemail, & then she sends a text saying she will call me back. She never calls back. For someone to go six months without texting or calling after I broke my wrist is pretty bizarre. I wouldn't treat someone like that.

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