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How is it that you can win the battles yet lose the war, or lose the battles yet win the war?

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    Corruption may win a battle but "Truth" always wins the war. When you do wrong / go against your conscience / religion, you may win for a time in this life but you will eventually lose

    Lose the battles yet win the war - Life is tough, don't give up your principles / religion / conscience. Don't let anger get to you over reason, have patience. Life is a struggle and you might feel you have failed but it will eventually be better

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    Losing in a casino does not mean losing in life, if you are not a gambling addiction. Work right.

    In functionality, a collision is one of phenomenons.

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    Wars are fought on many its entirely possibly for the enemy to win any number of singular battles........but overall........lose the general war, thru attrition or lack of supplies or Manpower......or eventually merely being outnumbered .

    I know of no circumstance were numerous battles were lost, yet, they still won the war.

    Eventually , one side ends up winning most of the battles, which of course, leads to winning the war-

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    Battles are won by better men but wars are won by people who are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure victory

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  • Mike
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    1 year ago

    Look up Pyrrhic victory

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    If you lose more battles than you win, you usually lose the war.

    A concept of no great profundity.

    WW1 ended with an armistice. A different matter entirely.

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