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My friend gets drunk to cover her pain.?

My friend committed to a marathon at the beginning of this year and was super pumped, raised money for the charity she's running with and got everyone's support.

Even though it happens all the time, she learned she's seriously injured recently and can't run at all for the rest of the year, so won't be able to run the marathon. She can deffer it to run next year, and to ME it it doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world, but we got together last weekend she was so upset, she got crazy drunk and wanted me to get drunk with her! I had to cut the night short since my getting drunk days are looooong over (she's married and in her mid 40s and I'm almost 40).

I also don't want to be out drinking all night because I go running and train on the weekends and it's not fun anymore to feel hungover and crappy the next day!!

I can suggest we do something during the day maybe, but she always has a bar stop planned somewhere in the mix.

I'm not sure if the marathon mess and her injury are the only reasons she's getting wasted all the time (and she smokes pot a lot with her hubby) but how can I tell her I don't want to go to bars and get drunk without sounding like a flake?

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    Telling her that you are in your 40's and don't think it's appropriate to get drunk anymore is NOT a flake. She sounds like she needs to talk to a therapist about the pain of not being able to run. She is self-medicating which will never work long term. Suggest doing other things together, and find new hobbies that you can do together. Like a yoga class, swimming, tennis, anything. You will probably never know if it's just the marathon or other emotional issues why she drinks.

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    the marathon has nothing to do with to her...something is seriously wrong

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    add laxatives to the dirnkk

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