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Is it true that most feminists look down on men who like watching shows where women dress almost naked?

I don't have an issue with men who like seeing naked women (even if they are completely naked)

That's natural and normal and it is a healthy lifestyle in my opinion.

It's ok for men to like seeing women's breasts, thighs, butts, vaginas and other parts of their bodies.

Although i never once heard a feminist complain about how Magic Mike shows sexy and almost naked men and strippers with their bulge.

So if a woman ever has a vagina bulge on tv i won't complain cause men do it on tv.

And let's not forget male sexualization does happen in ads and tv shows

Many women sexualize men and get excited when they see a shirtless guy or a guys abs or biceps.

I just think this is a very unfair double standard and not what feminism should be about. I became a feminist for around 3 years but i think those "feminists" who have a problem with sexy women aren't really stating a problem and just want to complain cause as a feminist i should be discussing real problems. I am a bisexual feminist.


I don't mean to say that it is ok to see a woman completely naked in tv shows (or even a man for that matter) i was talking about nude magazines.

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  • 6 months ago

    I like to see women are almost naked, I'm bisexual.

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  • Cogito
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    6 months ago

    You can't generalise like that.

    A feminist is just someone who wants women to be given the same respect, pay, opportunities and rights as men. Some may not approve of 'girlie' magazines, others might not mind.

    Personally, I don't like to see a man's 'bulge' - and I don't find male strippers sexy in the slightest. I find them rather funny, actually.

    I also find it rather pathetic when men like to look at photos of naked women. It's so 'teenage boy' and pervy!

    Calling it a 'healthy lifestyle' is quite ridiculous, though. Looking at naked women has nothing to do with a 'lifestyle'!

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