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Does anyone’s cat experience vaccine reactions?

My cat is severely allergic to vaccines. The first time he was given vaccines he got stiff and start to shut down. The vet had to detox him. He has to be sedated for his violent behavior and be given a Benadryl shot between each series of shots so he won’t have a reaction. That is why I am not vaccinating him anymore besides rabies.

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  • J C
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    5 months ago

    Some cats do - and it should be noted in their record so they are not vaccinated again. While most cats do not, yours does. Vaccines provide great protection against the common illnesses, so keep your cat indoors only and it won't be a problem. It's very fortunate that the cat had a reaction while you were at the vet! How scary. I had one foster cat who had a reaction (and I've fostered over 200) but his was much more mild than your cat had. He was given Benadryl and was fine but that was the last vaccine he got. He did have a local reaction at the injection site which the vet saw and said was rare. His skin actually "lifted up" and bubbled where the injection was made, and the top layer of skin and fur peeled off. I doubt that will happen to your cat, but do be on the lookout. I'm glad he is OK! How scary that must have been.

    • Tabbyboy5 months agoReport

      He had the reaction as soon as we got home. I rushed him back to the vet. He’s truly one of a kind.. he despises cat food. My vets gave up and he’s been on a raw and holistic diet since 7 wks old. Also was bitten by a copperhead and completely healed within 6 hours. Vet told me to put him down.😩🥰

  • 5 months ago

    My cat has not reacted negatively towards vaccines. My sisters who all have catsc(two of which who have 2 cats each) also don't suffer any negative effects from vaccines. But yes it is possible, very uncommon. You will need to keep him as an indoor cat (as all cats should be).

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

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    5 months ago

    Quite right, especially if it is an indoor cat, the cat could die while having a vaccination.

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