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This guy thinks I want to be in a relationship with him because I told him about my parents, what can I do to convince him otherwise?

This guy and I hung out and we had sex. After I told him my parents like him and want me to date him. He said that he thinks us hooking up should just be a one-time thing but that he enjoyed our time together. He said that he didn't want me to think that this was going somewhere. He said that he thinks I'm stunning that he loves my body and pictures. And that he will always accept them with open arms.

I told him that I don't want a relationship and that I only want sex. And he replied telling me not to stop sending him pictures though. Really? It doesn't make sense that he wants my pictures but doesn't want sex. The only reason why I told him about my parents is because sometimes they see him at the store where he works. And I wanted him to be prepared in case if they addressed him in a certain way. But I honestly do not want a relationship with him. As I also hookup with another guy but it's long distance.

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    So he doesn't want to hookup with you.So stop sending him the pictures.He is not interested in a relationship or just sex.

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      Why does he want sexy pictures he's not interested in sex? That makes no sense.

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