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Should I go to the doctor if bitten by a fiddleback?

I got bit on my back by a baby fiddleback and 48 hours later, I noticed I also had 4 bite marks on my left bum cheek because it was swollen.

I am sure happened during the same day as when I got bit on my back because I was experiencing mild muscle tightness on my left bum and thigh that same day but did not notice the bites.

Nothing is painful and there is not any discoloration on my skin. The area around the bite marks are just swollen and numb.

Should I go to the doctor or should it be fine to treat it at home?

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  • 6 months ago

    The thing is that there are several "look alike" species, with the cellar spider being one of them, and the wolf spider being another. Most brown recluses turn out to be misidentified. What you are describing sounds more like Hognas Carolinas - the North Carolina Wolf Spider, which has a considerable range in the United States.

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    6 months ago

    The fiddleback, or brown recluse, is one of just three spider species in the us where the venom can cause medically significant issues. Id get it checked out

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