Mattress for scoliosis?

hey guys so I have pretty bad scoliosis and I haven’t been sleeping well. My mattress is about 7-8 years old and twin sized. I am in a lot of pain when I sleep. I think mattress may have gone bad. Is 7-8 years time for a new one. Also I think a twin bed is too small for me. Every night I almost roll off. Should I get a full sized bed my room is small and definitely can’t fit a queen but I think a full would be worth sacrificing the space. Is a full much wider than a twin? I think 20-25 year olds should not be sleeping on twins if they can help it. So what kind of mattress to recommend for those w scoliosis and also what kind of bed frames for full sized bed? I want one w dressers/storage under and not too expensive thanks

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  • 3 months ago

    the most adjustable, probably, so that you can get as comfy as possible.

    But scoliosis only progresses thru the years. mine has progressed.

    So you need to be exercising, strengthen your core and back muscles as much as possible, get lots of walking, do stretching and yoga.

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  • drip
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    6 months ago

    I would get a foam mattress. I has help my back and hips. A full size would allow for more movement. So you are not sleeping in one position all night.

    We got ours on amazon at a fraction of the cost we saw in stores.

    Easy to set up

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  • 6 months ago

    why do you ask us instead of your medical care professional? S/he is the one who knows about proper support for scoliosis. As to size ... my full mattress is 52 inches wide and the twin in the guest room 38 inches wide. However, almost rolling off is because you are uncomfortable, so changing to the proper stiffness/support may solve that issue without needing to buy a larger bed.

    Frames -- I got my "new" one used via craigslist ... fella had moved here after retiring and discovered that he had one more bed than bedrooms. drawers under the bed cost an extra $100 plus. If you want new, I suggest checking the offerings at Ikea. I believe their frame allows you to add the drawers separately after you have the bed ... which eases the impact of the cost.

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