What is high school going to be like?

Please I need answers FAST! I’m going to high school in 2 more months and I would really like to know it’s like. I suffer from lots of Anxiety too. I do actually look forward and is really excited but I am a little anxious about a few things. So please give me as much supportive advice that you can and what my life in high school will be like in order to be prepared on what to expect in high school.

Here Are The List Of Things I’m Anxious About

1. Doing well with my grades. I feel so dumb!

2. Having friends to hang with and talk to.

3. Physical education/gym. I hate sports, balls aiming towards me and my direction cause I hate getting hurt, and I’m bad at sports in general

4. Getting bullied.

5. Being safe. I’m worried about school shootings or some random dangerous man entering the school. I care about my own safety a lot and others safety.(ex. Friends, teachers, peers etc.)

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    2 years ago
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    1. Just study the assignment do not wait till the last minute and keep going over it until you get the concept not just remembering enough to pass the test.

    2. If you care so much about making friends and caring how other people see you than you most certainly will be the odd one out. Just be yourself and if that's not enough for them screw them. How others may perceive you have nothing to do with you.

    3. So, sports is not your thing just do it so you can get the grade and get out of high school, that's all you should be focused on. The grades you make now will determine a lot for you and getting into the right college, possibly for free if you make good enough grade and that means a lot if you are not rich. You should be worried about after high school, right now is the pivotal point that is going to set the course for your adult life and if you are so focused on that you will not have the time to care about other students. You will not see them in a couple of years which will go by really fast.

    4. Just stand up for yourself do not come across like a sucker give someone holy hell each time they try you stop worrying about getting beat up as long as you stand up for yourself. Mostly if you keep to yourself and mind your own business no one will bother you. Stay away from the ones with a bullying personality and tell whomever you need to tell if you are that scared. Do not try so hard to make friends.

    5. The same thing can happen to you in a grocery store or restaurant eating, even in church, you cannot let fear stop you from doing whatever it is you need to do.

    It's time to get your priorities straight and making friends should not be the top priority just worry about those grades. The most popular people today many of them were not in high school while many of the popular ones turn out to be losers. High school is not the high point of everyone's life so do not be surprised if it's not yours.

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    2 years ago

    High school won't be tough as long as you're not academically competitive.

    Since you hate sport activities, you need to stop being a pussycat. Getting hurt should be a lesson.

    Don't read the utter nonsense from the other anonymous.

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