How do i get my boyfriend to stop a lisp?

My new boyfriend has a lisp not a log but the odd time he will do it and its a big turn off! Its to soon to mention it to him but are there ways to stop a lisp?

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  • 6 months ago
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    Usually a lisp is due to an anatomical issue and can be cured. As for how you GET him to seek treatment, that's for you to figure out. You know him, we don't.

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  • Kaylee
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    6 months ago

    That’s something you have to learn how to accept if you want to be with him. Why be with someone if you don’t like them for them? You’re already off to a wrong start by trying to change him. Seems like you should just break it off. Relationships are learning how to accept flaws

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  • 6 months ago

    Leave him. Don't tell him about the lisp because it will traumatise him and probably make it worse. He doesn't need someone like you and you don't want someone like him.

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