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I feel so alone and I want his love?

I've been alone all my life, since my relatives never loved me and at school I was bullied for being a quiet child, who was really affectionate and liked studying. I've never gone out with someone of my age for eating something or just going shopping or hanging out or whatever you do with your friends. When I see couples hugging or kissing or thr guy kissing her and telling how much he loves her I'm about to cry cause in my life none cared about me. Ive been to the point of crying on buses or outside thinking about my loneliness. I fell at first sight for a guy working years ago at the docks and this year I want to find him but who knows where he is now and if he's married or engaged or he has someone I'm sure my heart will break (well, it's already broken). It's hard to live my life. When all the kids were happy I hated myself for the broken nose they did to me at school. Once a talked to a counsellpr about my bullying as a child and teenager and she couldn't care less she didn't help me at all and as I told her she looked so condescending. I feel so alone and felt like I have wasted my life, constantly struggling. I've started a new life somewhere else but it's hard, not harder than being hated and bullied but hard because you have to be always alone and no one there to help you. I need him so bad

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    Forget him. Find a new one. You should not feel bad for being lonely. There are many others like you. I also have been a lonely boy throughout my life and still quite lonely with few friends. Teachers described me as a quite, shy, docile, nice and smiling child who doesn't interacts much. I didn't felt bad about it because I was very social with my family members. I had a dad, elder brother and mom to give me companion and support. But I feel I don't have a great social life like other boys who hang out so much.

    I know that's sounds bad for being bullied. You must migrate to such a place where no such people exist who had bullied you. You have to help and support yourself. Please don't depend so much on others.

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  • 12 months ago

    I really understand you, my past is quite the same of yours.

    I feel alone because no one never cared of me, too.

    Sometimes when I think about my life I cry so hard because I'm aware that I wasted my entire life so far.

    In my teen's years I always stayed alone at home struggling with depression and other disorders.

    I've never had a friend, I've never went out even for a walk or to eat an icecream, I've never went to a party and I've never celebrated my own birthdays.... so many years I passed and wasted in sorrow, and even now I know I'm still wasting my life.

    I'm sorry for talking about me.

    I really hope you'll able to get love fromf that guy.

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  • Kaylee
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    12 months ago

    No one else can make you happy but you. You went to a counselor but we’re you actually listening to the counselors advice? It seems like your blaming other people for the reason why you are alone. I was bullied in high school for being quiet and having an eating disorder. I gained confidence in myself and that’s what gravitated friends towards me that love me and cherish me. People don’t like being around negative energy and people tend not to gravitate towards people that aren’t confident and can’t find happiness from within.

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