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How was Trump able to con the Alt-Right into voting Republican?

We were conned. Trump used our movement for energy and intensity to get elected and then turned his back on us by only pushing for policies that advance the Jewish agenda.

Absolute brilliant chess move by Trump. But unfortunately for us Trump is not serious about restoring dignity or greatness to the white race. He just wanted the presidency to raise his celebrity profile.

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    7 months ago

    Trump did not advance jewish agenda. Both democrats and Republicans are pro-Israel.

    But I agree that he is a huge failure. Illegal immigration is continuing unabated. More than 80 Republicans in the House passed a bill that would allow Indians to monopolize green card for next 1- 2 decades. Now Rand Paul introduced another bill that would legal immigrants unto 1.5 million per year. That bill will be a huge blow to the American college graduates who are looking for white collar jobs in STEM field.

    I don't know why conservatives support him anymore.....

    the only difference between democrats and republicans at this point is Republicans pay lip service to pro-life groups.

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      Republicans pay an awful lot of lip service but never seem to get it done when it actually matters. But the lip service and the fear mongering of Democrats is enough to keep people showing up at the ballot box

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