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I’m a 5’8 woman and wear a uk size 12/14. There are shorter women who look ‘fatter’ than me but wear a smaller size - thoughts?

Like they have fat bellies but I Don’t. It’s annoying. I don’t have stretch marks but I have a big butt and hips.

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  • Lili
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    5 months ago

    Height makes a difference. A taller woman takes a larger size. When I was modeling, there were models who were as thin as I was but they wore a size larger than I did, because they were a couple of inches taller. It's a matter of proportions.

  • 5 months ago

    Have you ever heard of body shapes? There are several of them, maybe you're a pear and those shorter women are an apple or a rectangle. If the dress is designed for a rectangle or hourglass body shape, you may need a bigger size because of your wider hips. A similar thing happens with bras: people often think you have huge breasts if you tell them you wear size 38, but this is the number of the band, and doesn't necessarily mean your breasts are big; it only means you have a (relatively) wide ribcage. In addition, sizes may vary between clothing brands (and it's a nightmare for the costumer to get the right size).

  • d
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    5 months ago

    It down to your build, body shape, fat distribution, etc. As long as you are healthy, don't worry about it.

  • 5 months ago

    Our oldest daughter, her 16 year old daughter, and I weigh within a few pounds of each other, but we all wear different sizes. Body shape makes a significant difference in clothing size.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    If you find it annoying lose some excess weight. Rather than be jealous of svelte creatures.

  • 5 months ago

    bigger clothing size doesn't always correlate with fatness

    a lot of times, people wear smaller clothing size simply due to small bone structure or proportions

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