Best friend being unfair ? Am i trippin or is he ?

Idk if this will make much sense but bear with me lol. So me and this boy (we’ll call him Jordan) grew up together and were very close friends our whole lives. we started dating in our teens but he had to move for a couple years to help his sick grandparent and we decided to mutually part ways but to remain friends. while he was gone i met a guy (we’ll call him ryan) we became long distance best friends. Fast forward, Jordan comes back and within a few months we’re together again and more serious than before. Ryan and Jordan both know about each other and have no animosity, just positivity. Ryan will call me when i’m on dates with Jordan, at work, or while i’m sleeping. I’m battling depression and on antidepressants that make me sleepy and i’m still getting used to them so i take frequent naps. Ryan knows all of this but when i miss his calls he throws a fit and leaves me voicemails trying to start arguments, sends me long texts about everything i’m doing wrong and etc. it’s getting really annoying because who wants to go back and forth with a grown man ? i don't have the energy lol. we’re too grown for this. Then when i apologize he says stuff to try and make me feel bad. We’ve been best friends for 5 years now. He has a girlfriend but he’s treating me like i’m his girlfriend. he demands i call him even if i’m busy or else he says we won’t be friends anymore. he doesn’t even need anything, he just wants to talk because he’s bored and it’s getting out of hand. thoughts?

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  • 6 months ago

    Well you should definitely dump controlling, using, Ryan. He's already got a girlfriend so why are you hanging about with him and getting told off by him like some naughty schoolgirl. He's not a friend. He's a user. Jordan sounds a bit better - but I think you ought to study yourself a bit more. Why stick to a long distance friend when you can have more than one closer friends? Widen your circle so you are never alone....and dump Ryan. Let his girlfriend deal with him. And don't apologise to him. What have YOU got to apologise for.....nothing. He should apologise to you for behaving so abusively towards you. He thinks he owns you ……. and you have allowed him to do so.

    • patrice6 months agoReport

      thank you !

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