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Constantly wishing I was single, how do I fix this?

This is my first relationship that is four years in. He is a perfect guy. Honest, caring, protective, patient, self sufficient, loves my body and celebrates it, etc.

Unfortunately, all I can think about it being single lately. I know exactly what it's like to be single - it sucks. The men are terrible in bed, they are fake, and they all have flaws. I remember feeling alone and depressed.

Yet in my mind I'm fantasizing about being wanted at a bar.

I think the issue is I've never truly had a single phase. I grew up in a strict Christian house then I rebelled at 19. Hooked up with four guys and dated my current boyfriend. My boyfriend and I still party and he doesn't care if I'm out with my girlfriends or flirting with other guys he knows I love him.

How do I get rid of these thoughts when I know I have an amazing guy compared to my girlfriends and he hits everything on my list and I love him.....why do I want to be single and alone all of a sudden????? :(


Before I met him and during our first year where we were just friends I was really insecure so even though I was single I was terrible at meeting guys or even attracting them. I feel like now I'm confident, sexy, and not socially inept so perhaps I want to feel wanted in a new way I don't know.

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    Maybe you just want the excitement of meeting someone new. I'd suggest doing some sort of roleplay with your boyfriend to simulate this? He seems much too perfect to just give up.

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    • some vacations with my family which will be time apart from each other it will be good. We both do month long vacations away from each other and this year we traveled together. I think that's another thing. We both love our independence :)

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  • 6 months ago

    Being single sucks. If you have a good partner why the heck mess it up? If it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it!

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    You sound like my gf who just dumped me two weeks ago and said she did it because she felt that I was more emotionally invested in our relationship and she felt bad. So my advice is to talk with him before making a decision because that way your bf will at least know whats going on rather than waking up one morning thinking everything is great.

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  • 6 months ago

    You need to tell him to screw you good and hard like an animal, that's all your really want. Tell him to get up your bum or something he just has too much respect fro you and everyone knows women prefer a guy to treat them like dirt in order to get turned on by them

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    6 months ago

    Dump him and go single, you've lost attraction.

    You are probably not admitting it but if I were to ask you you'd say your boyfriend was terrible in bed.

    He's just not hitting that spot. Not satiating you. He's weak. Maybe he gives into all of your demands. He's not a challenge. He makes you the one to lead the relationship.

    Anyway I'm not really engaged in this answer and I'm just saying whatever.

    "I feel like now I'm confident, sexy, and not socially inept so perhaps I want to feel wanted in a new way I don't know."

    K, so you've out grown him in a sense. Communicate this, to him.

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    • The biggest reason we met and are together is how great the sex is so it's not that.

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  • 6 months ago

    You are all messed up, you need to return to God.

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