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am I right? or is she right? will give best answer?

I am a female and I have been friends with a woman for 3 years. ..we got together several times but most of the friendship has been online.

In the past she would initiate emails to me but recently the relationship seems to just consist of my sending her emails and her responding. she does message me when I message her but she does not send an "initial" email herself anymore, like she did in the past. She said she is interested in getting together but like I said, I seem to have to make the plans and initiate all the emails these I confronted her today as to why lately I have to do all the work in emailing her and initiating and she said it is because she is very busy with work around her house lately so she is too tired to initiate messages at the end of the night. I know she told me about this before but it is hard to believe that someone can be as busy as she is saying especially when she said she can make the time to get together, which tells me she still has time on her hands...anyway, she got upset that I questioned her...but I thought it was a good question since it is annoying to always have to be the one to make the first move.

Am I right to question her? or was she right to be upset?

will give a best answer

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    Everyone's emotions are right - for themselves.

    And in every disagreement, each side is at least partially right.

    The more entrenched we become in ONLY seeing OUR side of it, the more wrong we are going to be.

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      thanks! Great point!

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